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Baby Diaper Cream Applicator

Our baby ergo brush Applicator is designed to help baby bums take care of their diaper Cream directly, this Applicator is shaped to suit most easily into small or account-sized baby bums' means of diaper Cream application. The brush is in like manner medical-grade si (sugar and oil) free and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Baby Diaper Cream Applicator Amazon

This is a new baby diaper Cream Applicator brush that is go-to brush for people who crave to apply the baby's milk, the soft, is terrific for handling the delicate milk like no other. This is a soft, cloth-like Applicator that is used to apply the Cream to the diaper, it is produced of flexible silicone material that can be moved around to apply the Cream to different areas. The boar-head shape provides extra stability when pushing and pulls the Cream up into the skin, this is a first rate Applicator for use on surfaces where baby is to come in contact with formula. The soft flexibilty allows baby to come in contact with your skin and leave a film on the area that can be removed with a soft, smooth brush, this baby brush is an outstanding soft diaper rash Cream applicator. It is silicone-free and made of 100% organic cotton, it is furthermore reusable and can be used multiple times. It extends a soft, velvet-like texture that feels sterling on the skin.