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Kawaii Baby Diaper Cover

This cloth diapers lot offers 6 insert options and 3 Cover options, it also presents a lot set of cows monkey elephant Kawaii baby introverted nature. The lot is sure to fascinate any baby lover.

Kawaii Baby Diaper Covers

The Kawaii baby leak-free one size diaper Cover pack of 6 washable reusable 8-36 lb, is an outstanding substitute to keep your baby’s mess under control and on task. These diapers are fun and colorful, and they come in as many as 6 colors so your baby can choose the color of their heart they want, they are also vegan and made of 100% breathable cotton. The Kawaii baby diapers set includes 8 cloth diapers in different colors and styles, the set also includes 4 covers to keep your baby warm and cozy. This set is first-rate for any new mom or dad who is exploring the world of cloth diapers! The Kawaii baby diaper Cover is a valuable substitute to keep your baby warm and cozy, this Cover is fabricated of 100% organic cotton and is available in one size. It is conjointly facile to put on and take off, so you can keep your baby warm and comfortable, looking for a new alternative to keep your baby clean and safe? Kawaii is the company that brings you the Kawaii cloth diaper plus 2 inserts lime green adjustable 8-36 pounds. This Cover provides two zippered compartments which can safely and easily hold all the content your little one needs, when it's time to go, just remove the compartments and easily fit what you need in the other compartments.